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How can I use TikTok for my hair barbers?

We recommend being strategic with what videos you shoot, and how you share them. Here are some top TikTok & Instagram tips…

Create video tutorials

You probably created a few (okay, loads!) of funny TikTok videos during the Covid-19 lockdown. But to use the app for your business, it’s time to step away from dancing along to ‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘Savage’…

“Practical ‘how to’ videos are popular on TikTok and perfect for the hair and beauty industry. You could also do makeovers, ‘how I got the look’ and before and after videos. It’s all really useful content that your clients will love.”

Use hashtags

Wondering how to get your videos seen? Have a search for the most popular hashtags and then, just like on other social media platforms, use to tag your video.

The #skincare hashtag is one of the most popular, with over 7.8 billion views. (Yep, that’s seven point eight billion!) Meanwhile #hairtutorials has 1.8 billion views and #makeuphacks has three billion views.

Make your Brand/logo visible

TikTok marketing needs to be slightly more subtle than on other social media platforms. You can’t add your business logo to your TikTok profile. But one easy way round this is to film your video in front of your actual logo. Just stand in front of your logo in your salon or at your home salon while you’re doing your videos. You can also have your business name as your username so people can find you easier

Talk to your clients

In order to get more followers for your TikTok account, you want to make sure people actually watch your videos. Find out what  people want to know. Ask your clients and then answer their questions in videos. It could be how to cut your fringe, summer skincare tips or how to look after your nails. If you’re relevant and useful, people will watch – and share – your videos

Repurposed videos

If your clients aren’t on TikTok yet, don’t worry. You can still make sure they see your videos by downloading them and sharing on your other social channels, too.

You need to think about the platforms where you have the most followers and then post your TikTok videos there, too. Lots of people who aren’t on TikTok will still have seen lots of videos on other channels.

Elliot Forbes of Muehle Treatment Space a lot of time and space he need to look at his platforms strategically. He decided to hone his social skills online with a wide range of content on Instagram and Tiktok.

Elliot Forbes Background Story

After leaving a professional career as a golfer, Elliot decided to be a barber. He is now barbering for four years. He said he loves getting haircut but most of the time he didn’t get the cut he always wanted and because of this, he decided to get some training so he could understand how it works.

He is a male grooming specialist, barber, men’s hairdresser based in London, and basically he loves trying to make guys feel great about themselves. He  prides himself on the wealth of knowledge gained in the craft of male grooming built up through working and training with some of the greatest minds in the industry.

elliot forbes social media tips

Elliot’s Social Media Tips

Elliot said that his social feeds is all about offering value and entertainment and showcasing his knowledge and skills. He is providing value in an engaging way.

Elliot started posting Tiktok and Instagram last year at the same time. Then, he took stock and started to looking at the context of the two platforms. According to him, IG is more curated while Tiktok is more fun. It helps him to express his self in a different ways.

When lockdown started, Elliot’s creativity in creating content exploded. He now have is very own studio setup at home and integrates the platforms and harmonizes across each them of appropriately.

Elliot also said that a lot of his content are inspired by questions and comments he get through his social media. He jump on Tiktok to get views and he push people to his IG if they want to DM him TIKTOK do not have DM Function. He added link on his bio and encourage people to ask advice from him.

Elliot created fun TikTok’s like the Anchor Man voice effect and Spiderman. He has done a lot of styling tips and advice on both IG and TikTok .

Long term Elliot has grand plans but they are all real world ones. Elliot said that the best way to monetize social media is to use it as a tool to attract clients that will make you money in the real world!

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