Barbers Are Giving Back to their Communities; Have scissors, will help

barbers are giving back

Ged King

King is a barber who gives out free haircuts to rough sleepers started offering haircuts to the homeless in 2015.

A year later he transformed his selfless street venture into a regular service, setting up The Skullfades Foundation. “Once I started cutting on the street I really wanted to do more,” he explains. “I soon realised others wanted to help, so I channelled everybody’s efforts and created The Skullfades Foundation.”

Ged invites homeless people into his barbershop or goes to them and offers to cut their hair, free of charge, on the streets. His service is so much more than a haircut though. “On a typical street cut we offer food, warm clothes, sleeping bags, hygiene kits, addiction support and, of course, haircuts,” he explains.

“Inside Skullfades Barber Shop we have members of the homeless community access our services for free and if you are unemployed and have a job interview we will tidy you up for free. We have a full cellar under the shop, it’s full of donations of clothes, food and sleeping bags which the guys can access on a daily basis.”

La Salvajería

La Salvajería a salon was celebrating the 3rd anniversary of its opening in 2016. There can’t be many of us who haven’t see the homeless man breaking down in tears on seeing the results of a makeover he was given free by the Majorcan hair salon.

Jose Antonio had been living on the streets of the Majorcan capital, Palma, for more than 25 years, working as an “unlicensed car park attendant” to make money to buy food.

Over the years, his hair had turned grey and he had grown an large, unkempt beard. He sums it up perfectly when he looks in the mirror “My God”

Anil Cakmak

Anil runs Asmr Barber Massage he’s a traditional turkish barber who normally does video on massage and styling. At time of writing this post it’s already hit 27 million views. It’s an amazing transformation to see Hayri have his first haircut in years. Anil is also donating the proceeds from the video so Hayri can get some new clothes.

Josh Coombes

Joshua Coombes has hit headlines for his work styling the hair of homeless people across the globe. At first, Joshua began taking his kit out on the streets after he finished a shift at the salon in Devon. Now, he travels the world – teaming up with other like-minded individuals to make a small difference to the lives of people who live on the street. is providing the haircuts as part of his campaign #dosomethingfornothing

Josh started his initiative in 2015 and has since been joined by Veterinarian Jade Statt of Street Vet Ltd, a service where vets and veterinary nurses go to the streets and aid rough sleepers’ dogs.


In 2016, after 11 years cutting hair, Brennon Jones left the world of barbering and became a wardrobe stylist. But little did the 29-year-old know that a chance encounter with a homeless man in early 2017 would forever change his direction.

After giving the man a few bucks and a banana, Jones later realized he’d missed an opportunity to give something more meaningful to them both: a haircut. So he drove around the streets of Philly and looked for someone to help.

Street Thug Barbers

Ross Wilson had no money to give a man who asked him for change. Instead, he offered to cut the man’s hair. To his surprise, the man cried—not because he was sad, but because he was seen. About a month later, Wilson met barbers Cameron Sterling and Josh Malcolm and Street Thug Barbers was born.

Every Sunday since August 2015, they have taken to the streets of Vancouver to offer free cuts to anyone who needs it. Now, stylists and barbers join the thugs, and recently Matty Conrad joined to celebrate his birthday and be part of the #huglife.

Barbers Are Giving Back; We truly hope this post inspires you to; lift others up, wherever and whenever possible #dosomethingfornothing

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