3 tips for your barber business

3 tips for your barber business

Charles Clarke is much more than a world-renowned barber; he’s also a business owner, educator, and industry pioneer. You can read his 3 tips for your barber business below;

Charles talks about his journey, the challenges the barber industry is facing, and the need for an appointment booking system to protect the safety of your clients and staff, and take barber businesses into the future.

3 tips for your barber business

  1. Get an appointment booking system

Running your salon with an appointment booking system gets your accounts sorted, nails your time management and lets you set up your services. A booking system also helps with productivity and profit.

  1. Charge your worth

We need to change the customer perception that cheaper is better; clients need to pay more for a quality haircut. Barbers think if they up their prices, customers are going to go elsewhere. Get your client experience, professionalism and services up to scratch. Provide the things your clients want, and will pay a premium for.

  1. Say no to no-shows

Keeping your no-shows down is easy when you charge a deposit. I get very few no-shows, and this comes down to the SMS and email booking reminders, and rebooking reminders! If a client hasn’t rebooked after four weeks, we send them an automated email. I find that when those messages go out, I see a surge in bookings.

Words by Charles Clarke – Timely customer, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

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